Basket functionality is designed to give customers the ability to diversify simply and efficiently, by purchasing multiple securities with one click, through a multiple-security order entry process. The basket allocates a customer order across a number of securities in percentages determined by the customer. While the default setting allocates purchase equally for all securities selected for a basket, customers may allocate the individual percentages in the basket to meet their needs.

Baskets created by DriveWealth are not intended to be a recommendation to purchase any or all of the securities within the basket. The basket functionality allows you to choose the securities to add or delete. The names of all DriveWealth created baskets are not taken from any recognized standard industry source, but merely reflect some securities that have something in common. Further, as DriveWealth does not permit trading in all securities, these baskets are not inclusive of all securities within any particular sector.

Basket functionality may only be used to purchase securities. All sales must be made individually.